I Had A Sushirrito...

So.......I had a sushirrito. If you're living under a rock, a sushirrito is what i THOUGHT was the perfect combination of a burrito and sushi roll. I'm very conflicted about writing this right now. I've been dwelling on my feelings for it over the past couple of months and with my blog launching last week I felt like it was the perfect place to let my feelings out.

To my knowledge, Boston doesn't have any places that serve these creations but when I was in San Francisco a couple of months ago I decided to take the plunge and finally indulge.

You guys....I WASN'T IMPRESSED. Before you all jump down my throat and attack me, let me explain.

I am a sushi person. I love all kinds of fish, all different rolls and I was SO SO excited when I was walking around Union Square in SF and stumbled upon a place that served them. I was torn on whether I should get one that was similar to a California Roll or a Tuna Roll so I obviously decided to get both.

This was just an experience that I did not enjoy and it totally could have been because of the place I went to but I really don't think so. See, the thing about sushi that I enjoy so much is that every bite has all the contents of the roll. So when I'm biting into a California Roll - I know I'm getting crab, avocado, and cucumber. But biting into these sushirrito's you didn't get that! You got a bite of tuna followed by a bite of wasabi or raddish or something weird.

Overall, I was really depressed and really sad about my sushirrito experience. I'm willing to give them another try, though. SO if you have a recommendation about a certain type of sushirrito or about a specific place where I should get one, please please please let me know because there is nothing more I want than to be a fan of these! FOR CHRIST SAKE THEY ARE A COMBINATION OF MY TWO FAVORITE FOODS HOW COULD I NOT LIKE THESE?!?!

This is a preview of my San Francisco Travel Diary coming to the blog next week...so make sure you're subscribed and are following me on all platforms to keep up!!

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