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Los Angeles - a city of dreams, botox, diets and celebrities. While I wish I was there getting lip fillers or hanging out in Calabasas with Kylie Jenner (preferably both), I sadly was not. I did eat my body weight in delicious food from some of the best restaurants the city has to offer and walk down Rodeo Drive pretending I was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, though. This is my Los Angeles travel diary.

When I "hopped off the plane at LAX" I immediately was hungry because of the horrible airplane food that was served on our flight. If you ate it you were hungry because you probably vomited afterwards, if you didn't eat it you were hungry because a six hour red eye and no food makes you feel like a Hadid sister before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (I have animosity towards Gigi because Zayn).

Naturally, our first stop was for food. In N' Out Burger is somewhere that I've always wanted to go but we don't have any on the east coast. YES, I ate ALL of this food in one sitting (you would too if you didn't eat for more than six hours).

We also got cheesey fries but please don't count my calories on this trip, ok thanks.

We were so full after this meal that we decided our next stop would be a healthier option, Pressed Juicery.

If you're like me, you've seen these juice cleanses all over Instagram. Different girls from The Bachelor promoting it and saying that "they're really delicious" and "wow, I've seen real results" made me actually want to see if these things worked.

I was pleasantly surprised when my dad and I stumbled upon Pressed. I got one that mixed strawberry, apple and lime and it was absolutely delicious. It actually made me feel like a true Californian, too.

DISCLAIMER: this flavor is REALLY sweet. My dad went with one of the weirdo green juices that looks like it could of been recycled bath water but he actually seemed to enjoy it.

I actually just recently discovered that Pressed is not only located in L.A.; apparently they even have one here in Boston so I'll definitely be searching for it next time I head into the city. They do cleanses, too, that you can purchase for a crazy amount of money but I'm not that healthy so there's no chance in hell I'll be doing that any time soon!!!

After pretending we were one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for a while, we actually wanted to see one of them. So we headed over to SUR (I'm obsessed with Vanderpump Rules so you can imagine I was fangirling PRETTY DAMN HARD) but it was CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS and I may or may not have cried.

We did pass this really pretty salon in West Hollywood that had these beautiful doors. My dad wanted to kill me because I didn't stop taking pictures every five seconds. He kept calling me paparazzi and running away from me to entertain himself.

After realizing I wouldn't be kicking it with Stassi and Jax, we headed to a small cafe with no real name and ate lunch while watching botox barbies walk in and out of Chanel. My dad could see I was still down in the dumps about not meeting LVP so he insisted on a sugar fix.

I had never heard of Sugarfina but my dad had (weird) so when he suggested it I was like oh god what's this old people store but I was so so so pleasantly surprised by what we found. My dad bought all of my siblings little souvenirs from there and I got these rosé gummy bears that unfortunately did not get me drunk at all.

But they were so cute and packaged so cutely - I still have the boxes they came in and use them as little DIY jewelry holders. Well, they aren't DIY because I didn't do anything to make them that way but you know what I mean.

ANYWHOOOOOO don't expect these to get you crunk but they ARE really yummy and somewhat cured my slight depression over the fact that my dreams were crushed my first day in L.A.

That was pretty much it for our first day in the big city besides our dinner, which I am SO STUPID and didn't take a picture of. We went to this place within our hotel (The Millennium Biltmore) called Smeraldi's but it wasn't even anything special so whatevaaaaa.

Day 2 of our trip was spent in Santa Monica and Venice on the beach. My dad was watching hot girls gallivant up and down in thong bikinis while I was watching hot lifeguards and debating whether or not I should pretend to drown in the Pacific Ocean so one of them could give me mouth to mouth.

The Santa Monica Pier is absolutely gorgeous in the morning. It wasn't too populated with tourists and annoying men in Hawaiian shirts while we were there so I was very happy about that. The only down side was that none of the rides were open during our time on the pier. I think my dad was more angry than I was about that, though.

We both forgot to bring bathing suits because we're really really smart so we had to get ones that were too big for us at a beach hut. Mine had ugly little starfish all over it and looked like it was for a seven year old boy.

For lunch, we ate like three hundred tacos and had margaritas at this little beach shack that was delicious but, yet again, I failed to take pictures of these so you'll have to take my word for it! Watching people Rollerblade down the beach while stuffing my face with Mexican food pretty much summed up my entire existence.

The next day of our trip was spent in Downtown L.A. shopping and eating and eating and shopping and then eating again. Grand Central Market in L.A. is a fat boys dream and I was in heaven. There are a couple dozen restaurants and food stands that all serve amazing food - if you go to L.A. and are a foodie like me you HAVE to go here.

We had breakfast at this place I had seen on Instagram called eggslut (pictured here). My dad got a hoot out of the name and the breakfast sandwiches here were to die for so I would definitely say it was a successful morning. We then walked around downtown and shopped some more - eventually returning for a late lunch/ early dinner at an amazing sushi restaurant in Grand Central. I HIGHLY recommend getting the torched tuna roll there (not pictured because I literally scarfed it down in .7 seconds)

After eating for what seemed like our seventh time of the day we headed over to The Last Bookstore - an amazing art gallery / book store / hangout spot for hot artsy men. I took too many pictures for you guys to even fathom its beauty. If you're into history and art and cool things along those lines this place is a MUST SEE for you.

It's located in DTLA right down the street from Grand Central Market so go get a sushi roll or an egg sandwich to go and bring it here and eat and people watch, you will not be disappointed - I promise you.

DTLA has vibes that are similar to the inner city - it was surprisingly a breath of fresh air from the hype and celebrity surrounding areas like Hollywood and Beverly Hills. I definitely recommend you bring your walking shoes, though. Those streets do not play games. The jewelry and leather districts are also surrounding DTLA and The Last Bookstore so make sure you bring your sugar daddy because there are lots of good finds and so many hidden gems along the outskirts.

Day 4 was spent relaxing at the hotel and saving all the energy we had for the Dodgers game we had planned on going to. This was my dad's favorite part of the trip because he could stop stalking reality television stars and could start stalking his favorite people, ATHLETES

This is a picture of me eating nachos in an empty Dodgers stadium because my dad insists on getting EVERYWHERE early AF. The nachos were dope though. Or maybe I was just drunk off of the three jumbo cups of beer my dad got me because he knew how mad I was that we had to wait two hours for the game to start and then what felt like five more for the actual game. Overall it was a fun night, though. I highly recommend going to Dodger Stadium if you're in L.A. during the season! It was so beautiful - but nothing is more beautiful than Fenway Park TBH.

The sunglasses I'm wearing in this picture are also some of my favorites that I've ever had. I got them from a little cart on the Santa Monica Pier and I still have them to this day. They're WAYYYYY more durable than any Ray-Bans I've ever had or any pairs of designer glasses I've paid buckzz for so that just proves how much of a label whore I really am!

Our last day was spent in North Hollywood. I hadn't really heard very much about this part of the city but I was very happy that we ended our trip on such a high note. We spent the day walking around and sight seeing, we considered going to Universal Studios or somewhere similar to that but we decided to just relax and get good meals instead - which always makes me happiest. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN GOOD FOOD AND GOOD COMPANY!!!!

This bar is where we got dinner with some of my dad's old friends. It was so cute I couldn't resists taking a million pictures. It's called The Federal Bar and has Tito's Vodka on tap!!!!!! VODKA ON TAP PEOPLE. The dinner there was absolutely delicious and it got really busy as the night went on - it had a really cute rooftop as well that was jam packed with artsy-fartsy types.

This picture is pretty much just me at my happiest moment. We got smoothies and came full circle on our trip with a meal from Sweetie Pies. The pies were actually not the best part which was somewhat disappointing but the drinks were amazeballs. If you've been to L.A. and don't wanna see the touristy places I definitely suggest taking a trip to NoHo. It's historic charm and really trendy vibes remind me a lot of a Brooklyn borough.

The next day we headed home and my first time to L.A. was a HUGE SUCCESS, even though I didn't get the chance to hang out with a Real Housewife or Jenner/Kardashian. Pretty sure I gained approximately seven pounds from the sheer amount of food we consumed on this trip but it was totally worth it. L.A., I cannot wait to be back in you ASAP <3 <3 <3

SIDE NOTE: I have tons and tons of pictures from other recent trips and would love to share them with you guys in this format! If you liked my travel diary to L.A. and wanna see more from trips to San Francisco, Mexico, and New York as well as from some trips I have planned in the future - let me know!

If you have any questions about this post or my trip to Los Angeles, email me at haydenmcohen@gmail.com

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