San Francisco Travel Diary

SF (as the locals call it) is one of the most amazing places I've ever visited. Everything about it charmed me and saddened me because I didn't live there. As a gay man, it was like a mecca. Hot boys (that were interested in boys), amazing food, gorgeous scenery and so so so much to do. I visited San Francisco for multiple reasons - one of which was checking out if it peaked my interest as a place I would like to move to. IT DEFINITELY DID MORE THAN PEAK MY INTEREST. I also visited with my best friend who had recently moved to the west coast and explored the city with some friends from Boston who were on a work trip. Let's just pretend it was a work trip for me too even though I'm unemployed and drank some kinda of alcoholic beverage at pretty much every meal. Keep in mind I spent 8 days in this beautiful place so I did quite a lot during my time here.

My first day in San Fran (I guess people don't like it being called that but I like it and this is MY blog so IDGAF) was spent exploring the area that surrounded my hotel. I stayed in an awesome boutique hotel in the heart of The Mission called 1906 - I highly highly recommend it for people who are traveling alone or are planning on exploring for a majority of their trip. There's no pool or spa or concierge but I wasn't in SF for a relaxing vacation, I wanted to explore and walk around and really get a feel for the city.

I WALKED SO F**KING MUCH ON THIS TRIP which is very surprising since Uber was created in San Francisco, but I really wanted to picture myself here and get the full feel of living in this environment.

This picture was taken during my first day of explorations. I was walking in the Mission and stumbled upon it by chance. It's actually a really important piece of artwork and its painted along the side of The Women's Building and portrays a lot of historical and beautiful scenes of famous and empowering women from the past. If you're a history buff like me I definitely suggest going out of your way to take a look at it.

I merely passed this site on my walk to Mission Dolores Park where I spent most of my day trying to find a husband. Dolores is an absolutely gorgeous park in the Mission right up the street from The Castro, the gay village AKA where I want to move to ASAP (if anyone knows anyone who will let me live there for free hit me up). It was super crowded with tons of people day drinking and tanning and playing football and basically just having an awesome time. I pretty much made it a point to go to Dolores or walk by the park at least once a day on my trip here. It just made me super smiley and happy because the energy there was infectious. Then (obviously) I headed to Starbucks (another everyday location for me on this trip) in the Castro to get my caffeine and man fix. People watching in Starbucks should be considered an Olympic sport BTW. After that I pretty much headed home to the hotel and spent the night planning the rest of my trip and falling asleep because red eyes suck.

The next day I met up with some of my friends who were in the city and we spent the day exploring, eating, shopping and drinking our way through SF. This is my friend Nicole and I in front of the Painted Ladies. These houses are a MUST SEE if you're going here. If you watched Full House, like me, then you saw these houses in the opening sequence everyday.

RANDOM FACT: A lot of people think that the Full House House is located in this strip of homes but its actually a couple streets away - so don't think you're gonna find Danny, Joey and Uncle Jesse here.

Next we headed to a huge sushi dinner with like ten of us. We went to Saru Sushi Bar in the Mission and LET ME TELL YOU that sushi was absolutely amazing. If you're anywhere near this restaurant and don't're ridiculously stupid.

I got this tuna roll called the Jessica Alba and thought I was really cool because we assumed it was named after the actress had gone to the restaurant and ordered that roll, right? WRONG. It was named that because it was ALBAcore tuna....not as cool as a Jessica Alba story but whatever. We called it a night after that and headed home to our hotels.

This picture was taken on my morning walk home from my SoulCycle class the next morning. Why the hell did I work out while on my vacation? Because a hot man on the street in the Castro was handing out flyers to free SoulCycle classes THATS WHY!

I ended up getting lunch at Mission Street Cafe, reading my book and people watching for a majority of the day. Then I went and met my best friend from school who had just moved to San Francisco for her work. HI LAUREN I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS! She then went on to embarrass me by bringing me into her office and making me meet every single person that worked for her company. If you know how awkward of a human I am then you can only imagine how badly this went.

After being completely mortified for an hour after meeting her colleagues I decided I needed some retail therapy and headed for Union Square. Bought way too much on my little excursion there and decided it was best to head home for the day and not spend anymore of my money. BUT BEFORE I DID I SAW A PLACE THAT SOLD SUSHIRRITOS. IF YOU READ MY SUSHIRRITO POST YOU KNOW HOW THIS WENT - CAN'T GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN, SORRY.

That night was my first night out in SF and we went to a club called Beaux in The Castro. This was one of my first experiences at a gay club and let me tell you, it was one of the funnest nights I've had to this day. You just can't not be happy when music is playing and you're with your best friend - I CHALLENGE YOU TO NOT BE HAPPY IN A GAY CLUB, IMPOSSIBLE.

My next morning was spent recovering in bed and eating mass amounts of barbecue chips.

That afternoon, though I headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. ADVICE: do not go to the Golden Gate Bridge while hungover. You won't really take in its beauty and history when all you're thinking about is whether or not you made a complete ass of yourself the night before.

I did meet a very nice fellow tourist who took my picture in front of the fog and she was sweet enough to tell me of some awesome restaurants and bars around the area so I put on my walking shoes and bar hopped alone!!!

I definitely recommend all the places I went to. I started at Presidio Social Club and went from there to Lombard Street and ate a lot of food and did a lot more shopping that I should not have participated in (I have an unhealthy attraction to clothes that I don't need).

The rest of my day was spent back in bed, watching Real Housewives of New York and eating takeout from a restaurant across the street from my hotel - I forget what it was called but if you're in The Mission District and want a good burrito go there.

​I took this picture on one of many walks I took during my trip. CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THE GOD DAMN HILLS IN THIS CITY?!? I kid you not my glutes and calves have never been more sore.

The architecture in San Francisco is one of my favorite things about it. I love all the old Victorian town homes and the colors that people painted them. It's something you wouldn't ever really see here in Mass. I saw several pink houses and pretty much died. THIS ONE WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, THOUGH. An old man with a Russian accent came out of it and asked me if I wanted a tour inside of it but I didn't really feel like being in Taken 7 that day so I just kept walking and snapped this picture after he went back inside.

This one was right near Dolores Park.

My next day was spent roaming around Fisherman's Wharf area and taking pictures. There were SO MANY tourists there, though; so I'd suggest going on a weekday so you aren't extremely overwhelmed like I was. There were lines everywhere and I hate lines and waiting in them so I really didn't DO anything while I was here - sorta just people watched some more.

Not gonna lie, the rest of my trip was spent going out with my friends and I really don't remember much besides going to a bar called Tipsy Pig (which is perfect because that is how I usually describe myself to people). Since this was such a long trip I'm not really able to document EVERY. SINGLE. PART (and some stuff should be left to the imagination) but it was honestly one of the best trips I'd ever taken. SHOUTOUT TO THE ORACLE GIRLS, LAUREN AND CATHY FOR MAKING THIS TRIP SO MEMORABLE....or not memorable

Check out more pics from my trip to SF below!!! Let me know if you guys liked this travel diary and if you want me to document more of my travels!

This was taken in the Castro outside of a little pizza shop there. YOU HAVE TO GET THE PESTO AND PARMESAN PIZZA THERE BECAUSE IT IS SO F**KING BOMB. I've never seen a quote that I agreed with more so I HAD HAD HAD to document it.

This was one of the trolley cars I saw almost every day. It reminded me of Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus, did anyone else you read those books?

THIS IS THE HOUSE FROM THE PRINCESS DIARIES, YOU GUYS! I looked up "places you need to go in SF" on one of my days that I didn't have plans on and it said to go and check this place out. I just imagined Princess Mia running away in her car in the rain and getting stuck on that hill and felt like I was in the movie.

Bought this hat at the Human Rights Campaign store in The Castro and fell in love with it. Wore it for a majority of my trip because bed head and vacation sleeps make me look like a homeless person.

Me and some of my chicks in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Went back there a second time to try and get a better view and hoping that wouldn't be as foggy but it was still super duper foggy! I guess SF's fog has its own name because it's so prevalent there.

This is Dolores Park - where we were obsessed with going. It was honestly such a fun time there. We didn't get the opportunity to day drink there but if you are in SF and its a beautiful weekend day - go there, day drink and tell me how it is!!!!

This is my friend Erica and we were out to brunch at The Dorian for her birthday on this day. We had so much fun and got wayyyyyy too many bottles of champagne but HEY it was a vacation so that's what vacations are meant for, right?


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