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This past weekend I trekked up to P-Town on Cape Cod! I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from my weekend getaway in the form of a travel diary since you guys have seemed to really like these posts. I'm working on some more travel diaries, too! And I'm working on rebranding and relaunching the blog! So let me know if you guys want me to write about anything or if you have any ideas on how we can make Lots of Hayderz bigger and better!!!

ANYWAYS....back to Provincetown.

From Boston, Ptown is a bit of a hike - about 2 hours so in my opinion the most important travel accessory is your travel partner! Mine was my best friend Catherine and we headed up for the weekend to The Harbor Hotel Provincetown. We were absolutely in love with the vibe of the hotel when we got there. It was super chic and had a kind of retro vibe to it that we were really into. Check out some more pictures I snapped of the hotel below:

I'm 99.9% sure you can't beat a hotel that's literally ON the beach.

I know it's weird to be obsessed with doors but the color scheme was seriously right up my alley - plus steps away from the beach!

The COLORS AGAIN - I know, I know but this turquoise is my favorite color. The room was super spacious and we had our own private balcony (perfect for drinking wine on may I add)

VIEWS seems appropriate, right? There's also a bar right by the pool so you don't even have to stop tanning.

There's a fire-pit in the front of the hotel, near their restaurant. So relaxing!

The lobby is interior goals.

Probably wondering how I'm lucky enough to get to call this trip "work"...

After settling in to our hotel we headed to dinner at one of Provincetown's newest restaurants called Strangers & Saints - we were absolutely obsessed with the location, the menu and the ambiance here. If you're looking for menu suggestions, look no further because I have you covered! And if you end up going to the restaurant tell them Hayden sent you and that I say hi and that I cannot wait to come back and eat everything else their menu has to offer.

Check out some of my pictures from dinner at Strangers & Saints:

Delicious drinks and absolutely beautiful interiors to start off the night.

All of the cocktails had really cute and festive names - the menu was perfect for sharing. I wish I could have tried one of everything on the menu because it all sounded so delicious.

Is it weird to take pictures of the bathroom? I felt like I was on a ship with how cute the fixtures were.

All of the decorations were very nautical and inspired by the sea while also being classy and upscale. Sometimes restaurants get too crazy with the decorations and you feel like you're walking through a Christmas Tree Shop while at dinner but Strangers & Saints knew their sh*t when it came to the decor!

What's more creepy than taking a picture of the bathroom? Taking a picture of the wallpaper in the bathroom, perhaps. I loved it - they were little plays on classic historical scenes with an LGBT flare.

The patio in the back was literally out of Home & Garden and I might bring a tent to live there the next time I come to PTown.

More examples of why I wanna bring a tent to Strangers & Saints backyard.


When by the sea, you need to eat the sea. This shrimp was one of the favorite things we had the whole time we were in Provincetown. Strangers & Saints definitely know how to throw it down in the kitchen.

THIS PIZZA THOUGH, YOU GUYS! It's pretty much a salad on a pizza, so you can feel somewhat good about devouring every single last bite, right? "Prosciutto, fig, arugula, gorgonzola and balasamic are what dreams are made of" - Lizzie McGuire

Day Two of our trip was mostly spent walking around downtown - eating, drinking and being very merry! Took WAYYYY more pictures than what I'm gonna show you guys but here's the gist of what we were up to:

To say I was a "happy camper" to be out and about enjoying this past weekend's weather in my most favorite place would most definitely be the understatement of the century.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Hi Cathy!


The ceiling at day two's lunch spot Cafe Heaven was definitely festive.

Boatslip's classic Tea Party that they have everyday from 4-7 was an absolute blast.

New England charm in all of it's glory.



Provincetown definitely treated us well and I cannot wait to head back there as much as possible this summer. If you wanna know more about what we did in Ptown, The Harbor Hotel or Strangers & Saints, please feel free to reach out to me and I'll answer any of your questions to the best of my ability!!!!

Can't wait for many more trips and a lot more blogging this summer, guys! What do you want to see more of on here?

*A HUGE thank you to The Harbor Hotel Provincetown and Strangers & Saints for sponsoring this post. As always - the opinions of this blog are my own and I will never work with brands that I do not truly believe in and support.*

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