Lots of Travel: Kennebunk

Hey guys - I went on a weekend getaway a couple of weeks back in Kennebunk(port?) and I wanted to share my time with all of you!

I brought my best friend Caroline with me and we stayed at The Grand Hotel - a gorgeous boutique hotel in the middle of all the action in Kennebunk. I was honestly shocked by the centrality of the hotel - everywhere was within walking distance and that made it easier for us to relax and enjoy some drinks.

The front of the hotel - which was also our very own little private balcony - perfect for people watching and drinking wine on (which we did a lot of)

Kennebunk is a quick and easy drive from Boston - and is usually known as a tourist attraction during the summer months, but we found it to be extremely charming during mid-April. The local vibe was awesome and reminded me a lot of Cape Cod, which is where I spent my summers growing up.

First of all, the hotel was beautiful - here are some pictures that prove I'm not lying and that will make you envious lol jk but really:

Does this make anyone else wanna sing California King Bed by Rihanna?

Me being boujie and annoying - BOUJIE is the word of this trip FYI

Loved the interiors at The Grand - they even had an art gallery attached to the hotel!

Everything was very walkable, like I said, and everyone was extremely welcoming, friendly and helpful. Reason number 743 I love New England so much is because of the people and Kennebunk definitely had some very nice people, with some very nice eye-candy as well.


We spent our first day there exploring and really just getting a lay of the land - unpacked in the hotel and had an amazing dinner at The Cape Arundel Inn - a chef cooked for us and we felt V BOUJIE. Check out some of the pictures from the dinner we went to there below.

This was our menu for the night and everything was UNREAL.




After that meal we could barely walk out of the hotel so we just stayed in, watched Mulan and drank wine for a couple of hours. Isn't that what vacation is all about though?

The next day was unfortunately another gloomy day in Kennebunk but that just gave us an excuse to do some of our favorite things, SHOPPING AND EATING. Kennebunk has so many cute shops and restaurants I can't wait to go back to be able to try them all eventually - hopefully this summer :)

Here's some of the things we did our second day in Maine:

How gorgeous is downtown? Even on a gloomy day you can still see New England in all it's glory.

SO MANY people told us this was a must-try place - but it was closed for the season ! LES MIS! Another reason we'll have to go back.

Does this perfection even need a caption? Brunch at Salt & Honey downtown was amazing.

Downtown Kennebunk in all it's beauty.

My obsession with knick-knacks sometimes makes me feel like a 73 year old grandmother but I'm kind of okay with it.

I mean......

OBSESSED with this store downtown. They had amazing homemade goodies.

Such an adorable outdoor space at Federal Jack's Brewery. Wasn't warm enough to eat out here but the views were on point.

These margs from Federal Jacks though >>>> we would get liquor at a brewery.

No bottles of rosé were hurt in the taking of this photo.

Kennebunk was definitely one of my favorite spots I've been this year and I cannot wait to go back this summer - hopefully we'll be blessed with some sunshine and can enjoy it to it's fullest potential!

*A HUGE thank you to The Grand Hotel for sponsoring this post. As always - the opinions of this blog are my own and I will never work with brands that I do not truly believe in and support.*

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