Keeping My Skin Healthy With LAB SERIES

Hi friends, by no means am I Julianne Hough in a Proactiv commercial but I wanted to let you know about a product that was recently sent my way that I've actually become obsessed with. LAB SERIES is a skincare line for men that has a wide range of products and I can't wait to try all of them. Here's a couple of my favorites that they sent my way that have become a part of my everyday routine:

This is LAB SERIES' Rescue Water Lotion which I've recently started using. I have really dry skin, especially after shaving, and using just a little bit of this after I shave and in the morning has really made a difference in the overall feel of my skin. I've noticed a lot less dry patches on my neck and cheeks, as well as an overall brighter complexion.

I'm not really looking for anti-aging cream because I'm only 23, even though they say to start now. This is the water-charged gel cream by LAB SERIES. I use this more as another moisturizer post-shower or post-face wash. This product is super hydrating and is definitely gonna come in handy a lot this summer after beach days when I often forget to load up on the sunscreen. Definitely gonna be come another staple in my skincare routine.

It's also my favorite color! You guys know I love anything and everything turquoise or turquoise-adjacent so I immediately fell in love with this stuff when I popped the cap off.

You guys can check out the entire LAB SERIES product line HERE

Do you guys wanna see more or my skincare or grooming routines? As always, I'm looking to write about what you guys wanna see - so let me know!

*A HUGE thank you to LAB SERIES for sponsoring this post. As always - the opinions of this blog are my own and I will never work with brands that I do not truly believe in and support.*

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