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Hey guys - another travel diary to a new favorite destination in the northeast. Providence, Rhode Island is somewhere I've always disregarded as a destination, I've kind of only seen it as a drive-through location and was amazingly surprised when I went there this past weekend for Rhode Island Pride. GoProvidence helped plan my trip for pride weekend and we had THE BEST TIME dancing, eating, drinking and celebrating. Check out some of my pictures below and over on Instagram to see more of what we did!

My favorite part about Providence was that everything was within walking distance. The city has so much hidden history and so much to do, eat and see. Pride festivities were going on all throughout the weekend and everyone was so happy to be celebrating!

I was obsessed with this mustard colored chair in our hotel room for some reason and made my friend Lauren who came with me on the trip take 7,003 pictures of me pretending to be casual and cool in it.

We stayed at The Renaissance Hotel right in Downtown and it was gorgeous. We had an amazing view of the state house from our window.

Being boujie in the hotel lobby. COME ON MAMA RU GIVE THE QUEEN HER CROWN.

We were hooked up from the moment we got there to the moment we left. Our tour guide Christina was absolutely amazing. We started at Circe Restaurant & Bar for dinner and everything was delicious, from the drinks to the seafood to the ambiance to the decor - I was beyond impressed.

We then headed to the bars to celebrate pride's opening weekend where we met our new friend Jose from My Normal Gay Life. He's another blogger who joined us on the trip and he also has an awesome blog and Instagram page - make sure you go check it out!

Some of my favorite spots that we hit up during our first night our were The Village, The Dark Lady and the Alley Cat block party. Big Freedia was performing which I was shocked and so excited about. Providence nightlife was surprisingly fun and very busy!

A couple of my new friends whom I met out our first night in Providence.

Next morning was breakfast and rejuvenation time, which was perfect at Caffe Dolce Vita in Providence's gorgeous Federal Hill. How cute and colorful are these buildings? During the summer there's tons of outdoor eating, shopping and fun to be had in this historic Italian neighborhood.

After brunch we decided to do tour the city and see some of its most historic sites.

Obsessed with the exterior at Ogie's Trailer Park - a famous restaurant in Providence and often photographed destination.

The gorgeous historic neighborhood surrounding Brown University and RISD. This area really reminded me a lot of Beacon Hill in Boston - it was filled with gorgeous colonial homes and brick buildings and we absolutely loved it.

The Providence Athenaeum - a famous library that we fell in love with. THE LIBRARY IS OPEN AND READING IS FUNDAMENTAL (ok enough of the Drag Race puns). This place was seriously gorgeous and another place I took too many pictures to share.

Next we headed to the Rhode Island Pride Festival - a huge street party filled with vendors, food, and people dancing and eating. Basically all of my favorite activities in one compact area.

So many people filled the streets to show their pride and I always find it so inspiring when our community comes together in support and for love.

After a long day of dancing and drinking and eating we headed to dinner at Clean Plate to refuel for a big night ahead of more dancing and drinking and eating.

The Illuminated Night Parade is the only parade that I've ever seen take place during the night and it was so cool to see all the different floats and different organizations that took part in it.

My personal favorite sign ;)

After the parade we headed to another set of block parties where we ended our night dancing and having an amazing time.

A sea of men, dancing, drinks and fun - what more could you ask for?

Our next morning was spent in full-on recovery mode from the weekends shenanigans. Providence treated us so well and they might have to kick us out of the city next time we come to town. GoProvidence showed us the best time and planned the perfect trip for us for Rhode Island Pride Festival. Providence, as a whole, was much more of an accepting city than I had originally thought and with it being such a quick drive from Boston, I will most definitely be returning!

I encourage you all to give Providence a visit and if you need any suggestions on where to go or what to eat you can always ask me to hook you up with my new friends from GoProvidence!

What are some of your favorite pride experiences, festivals and cities you've been to?

*A HUGE thank you to GoProvidence for sponsoring this post. As always - the opinions of this blog are my own and I will never work with brands that I do not truly believe in and support.*

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