Lots of Travel: NYC Pride

Hey guys! I celebrated Pride in New York City a couple of weeks ago and wanted to show you some highlights from the festivities with my friends. This is a bit of a different format from my regular travel diaries because I wasn't doing much sight seeing or tourism, I was having fun and celebrating and was pretty much logged off of social media which I think is something we all need once in a while! Check out the highlights of my trip to NYC:

The West Village is where we celebrated Pride for the most part and it was completely decked out in all things rainbow.

Celebrating Pride with two of my lifelong friends Georgia and Allie was honestly so much fun. Always have wayyyy too much fun when I'm with these two.

I think "The Cure" was playing and you all know I can't stop when Gaga starts.

A little bit of reflecting on how lucky we are to be able to be our authentic selves in today's world but also remembering how many people fought for the LGBT community for it to be this way and how much progress we still have to make.

Rooftop sunrise shenanigans

We did not parkour but we definitely pretended we were American Ninja Warriors.

Hey Dee! Watched the sunrise together on the top of one of our friends apartments complexes and it was AMAZEBAWLZ.

If you pass the Flatiron Building without taking an artsy picture of it, did you actually pass it?

Taxi cab craziness while crossing the streets in Kips Bay.

Obsessed with the street art that covered the city during Pride.

Pink wine, feeling fine. This is the very casual view from my friend Georgia's apartment overlooking Murray Hill - are you kidding me?

A very proud moment seeing The Stonewall Inn in the flesh.

Then actually being able to go inside and just feel the history was amazing. It might have been the strong drinks they serve there, too ;)

All in all, someone buy me an apartment in NYC so I can relive Pride there every weekend for the rest of my life.

What did you guys think of my new "photo-journal" format for traveling. Travel diaries are more of an in-depth look at what I did, where I ate etc. but I really enjoyed being able to log out and be present and not constantly keeping track of what I was doing. I think we all need a couple of weekends like this nowadays because we live in social media - at least I know i do.

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