Lots of Travel: Fire Island

Let's be honest - Fire Island to me has always been a little gay paradise and this past Fourth of July weekend it did not disappoint by any means. I went with some friends and stayed at an awesome house in Ocean Beach (Pines is the main gay area of the island) and we had such an amazing time. Similar to my NYC photo journal - this past weekend I wasn't logging in and updating everything we did so I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of the beauty of Fire Island through a little photo journal. I'll definitely be heading back there as soon as possible and want to create more of a travel diary for you guys on one of my new favorite locations in the northeast. Summer here is crazy and the Fourth of July was definitely a cray cray weekend. Take a peak at some of my favorite photos from my trip:

Fire Island was so charming - everywhere you went there were colorful doors and patios filled with festive decorations, flowers and lots and lots of people having an awesome time. It was hard not to be smiling with the infectious energy that took over.

My affinity for taking pictures of flowers and greenery was highlighted very well on this trip and I'm sure you'll all be seeing lots more of these pictures on my Instagram in the coming weeks.

Since there's no cars allowed on the island, everyone had the cutest and most colorful bikes as transportation.

This cabin is goals AF and I could not handle it.

SELFIES 4 DAZE. Fire Island glow is what I'll call this one even though it looks more like a burn.

Another super cute decoration in a strangers front yard. Am I the only one that has no problem stopping in front of a random persons home and doing a photo shoot with their belongings?

The sun setting over Ocean Beach - this was the view from the front porch of the house we stayed at this weekend - can't beat that, right?

Red, white, blue and pink - my kind of patriotism!

Our view on the ferry ride over to the island. Just a quick 30 minutes so going at night, you can see the beautiful sunset along the ocean and it was amazing.

Fire Island was such a fun weekend and my friends and I had a blast (as you can see from the scarcity of pictures) Like I said, I definitely plan on heading back here to do more a formal travel diary and letting you guys know about my favorite spots, but I couldn't resist sharing some of these shots with you guys!

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