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I GAMBLED MY LIFE SAVINGS AWAY AT FOXWOODS THIS WEEKEND. Kidding, I don't have a life savings but if I did and I spent it at Foxwoods it'd totally be worth it. Celebrating their 25th year, Foxwoods invited me to spend a night at their resort and casino this past weekend in Connecticut - under 2 hours from Boston and a quick drive from virtually anywhere in the New England area. We had a ton of fun gambling, eating, drinking and dancing the night away. There were so many restaurants to choose from, places to shop, games to play and fun people to watch (the people-watching was LIT). Here's what we got up to during our time at Foxwoods.

Can we please talk about this view? Our room was on the 28th floor and there was gorgeous landscape as far as the eye could see. We stayed at the Fox Tower. Everything is connected and once you're inside the resort, there's no need to leave. Honestly, everything we could have ever needed was 17 feet away or within arms reach.

The hotel room was super comfy and spacious, modern and clean.

Hey girl hey! Mirror selfies for days in the bathroom. So much space in here, perfect for getting ready with friends before heading out for the night.

While I wasn't on my phone during our time at the amazing spa, I did snap a shameless selfie after our massages. And let me tell you, this massage was one of THE BEST MASSAGES I've had in a long time. The G Spa was so relaxing, accommodating and serene. There were plenty of different services they offered and I could have spent my whole day in there. Actually though, you can. If you book an appointment with them you have access to the spa, the whirlpool and all the amenities they offer for the entire day (which I thought was pretty cool)

After our relaxing spa day we had some free time for the night so we decided we'd make a night out of it. And there was no lack of options in how we were gonna plan our night. We started off at the casino and as you saw on my stories I pretty much sucked at every game we played. I waited 45 minutes to play on a Britney Spears slot machine and lost all of my money on it so we saw that as a sign to go eat.

We had such a good dinner at Red Lantern in Fox Tower. We pretty much licked our plates clean and the restaurant had a really cool vibe. I definitely suggest going there if you're a sushi person like I am. We split a ton of different dishes but these were some of our favorites.

Avocado salad and lobster rangoons were AMAZEBAWLZ.

Tuna tempura sushi with spicy mayo and teriyaki glaze is what dreams are made of. Is that how the Lizzie McGuire song went?

Hey girl hey! The drinks all came in these adorable little pineapple mug thingys and that's when the night got a little blurry ;)

After dinner we headed to Shrine, the nightclub in the Fox Tower. It was such a fun night filled with lots of dancing, drinks and meeting tons of people. There were so many people there and I'd definitely recommend heading to Foxwoods for a fun little night out with friends. We met girls at a Bachelorette party and a group of people on a high school reunion tour there, too! Definitely a fun way to get a group of friends back together after some time apart!

After our big night out we just had a casual day of food and shopping. The Tanger Outlets definitely treated me well and I had a lot of fun spending even more money there. They have tons of shops from H&M and Forever 21 to higher end stores, too!

This was a little pit-stop on our way out of the hotel, the Sugar Factory! I've been to the one in Miami too and we had to stop for a drink (or three) on our ways home (plus we needed to do a little more gambling to scratch the itch ;)

We got the energy bear drink from Sugar Factory, I know you guys saw my snaps from here because you all were like WHAT IS THAT YOU'RE DRINKING and THIS is it.

Foxwoods was a blast, so relaxing but so exhausting after our night out. We're definitely gonna be back here soon. Between the spa, the nightlife and the constant crazy amount of things going on you could never ever be bored and that's what I love about vacations. It's such an easy drive from virtually anywhere in New England and is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday, a bachelorette or even just a place to go on a whim when you're tired of going out in the city!

*A HUGE thank you to Foxwoods for sponsoring this post. As always - the opinions of this blog are my own and I will never work with brands that I do not truly believe in and support.*

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