Lots of Eating: Empire Boston


Last week, I hit up Empire in Boston's Seaport district to taste some of their delicious menu items. We were definitely far beyond impressed with what we got. Check out some of the pics from my night at Empire and make sure you check them out, too!

The food was delicious and the nightlife was super fun - I definitely recommend coming to Empire for the whole shabang (dinner and a night out with friends)

First up: DRANKS

This is the Royal Akuma, a really yummy tequila drink - I'm not a big tequila person but I definitely liked this a lot. PLUS it's really pretty - and pretty cocktails and food goes a long way with me.

This was the Emperor's Mule - an asian-inspired take on the Moscow Mule (one of my go-to drinks)


You could call this our appetizer round I guess? Even though I was pretty much full after this. Here's the lobster rangoon's, a spicy tuna roll and my personal favorite from the night, the Empire House maki - a tuna tempura type roll with spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce, too!

The chef brought over this take on a philly cheese steak sushi roll - sounds weird but holy shiz. This was amazing.

Pad Thai because you can't really go to any Asian-inspired restaurant without ordering pad thai right?

We're not done yet - we got this steak & frites dish and the steak was absolutely amazing - so delicious and flavorful and we licked the plate clean even though this was course number 5.

We wrapped up the dinner portion of our night with this chef's special dessert. Safe to say we were very very full after this meal.

But that's not all - post-dinner we were brought to the lounge which offers a huge bar, dance floor and DJ. Tons of fun to be had at this spot. I recommend not eating as much as we did at dinner to enjoy your time to the fullest but we still had ourselves a good time.

They have huge party-drinks and brought us their signature Big Kahuna which can be seen here:

Get you someone that looks at you the way I look at watermelons filled with liquor.

*A HUGE thank you to Empire for sponsoring this post. As always - the opinions of this blog are my own and I will never work with brands that I do not truly believe in and support.*

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