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A best friend is typically defined by someone who’s your rock. Someone who doesn’t judge you. Someone who accepts you for your flaws, in fact, they love you because of these flaws. 

A mom is someone you turn to for guidance. Someone who knows you better than you know yourself and someone who brought you into this world and raised you with the intention of creating someone she would be proud to call hers.

How lucky am I to have a relationship with my mom that borders the line of parent and best friend. My relationship with my mom isn’t only unique, it’s one of, if not, the most important friendship I have. 

I think things change once you hit a certain age and you realize all the dumb and crazy things you put your parents through but then realize they still look at you the same way they did on your first day of kindergarten, your high school graduation or even when you walk in to their house for Thanksgiving dinner after not seeing them for a while. The unconditional love my mom shows me and strength and courage she has in her everyday life inspires me to be the absolute best version of myself. I know that I can't (technically) let her down but with that comes my own persistence of knowing I won't let her down. 

This is why I work so hard and follow my passions, because I know that with this relationship I have and being so inspired by her. One of the things I look for in businesses and collaborations that I take part in is that the relationships I make with these colleagues and cohorts matters in some way. 

I wanted to highlight this relationship with my mom and to show you guys that each relationship matters. No matter how you may see it or what may happen, the way you treat people and relate to them is something that my mom has instilled in me to this very day. To be kind to others and to lead with your heart is something that she's always instilled in me and she makes it easy to follow her example.

Each relationship matters to me because being kind to one another is important, as it's something that my mom has instilled in me.

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