Lots of Goodies: Giveaway With Redken Brews!

Hi friends, family, whoever is reading this from outer space in 900 years...ok I got carried away, but it's definitely possible!

As you guys know, I love to give back to you all for following me on this crazy journey called life and I'm doing so in a fun way this time with my friends from Redken. If the name sounds familiar that's because you've probably heard of them before. Redken is a huge name in hair care and just launched their new Redken Brews line for men! Sometimes as men we find ourselves having like two products to choose from, but just like girls we wanna take the best care of ourselves in every way possible! I'm so glad Redken asked to partner with me to help share their new line with you all and I really enjoyed trying all their products for you guys.

First, let me review these products for you and share some of my favorites.

If my IG stories brought you here, you'll already know that these three are my favorites from their new line.

 This is the hairspray, their cream pomade and the molding paste. These three are definitely my favorite of the line. I typically use pomades everyday because I like my hair to not lay flat, bed head is a huge problem for me so cream pomades are my favorite because they provide more shape and volume without being stiff or untouchable like a clay or wax pomade can be - I use clay or wax pomades moreso when I'm going out for the night so that my hair can really withstand dancing for a few hours. This cream pomade is awesome because I can still run my fingers through my hair (which I tend to do a lot) and not feel like I'm putting my hand in a goopy product like most pomades do!

I have never seen a hairspray that's made just for men, I mean I guess women could techincally use it with the same results but it has a masculine smell to it that I really enjoy - most hairsprays are a bit too feminine (even for me) to use on an everyday basis so I've really enjoyed starting to use this one.

Last but certainly not least is the molding paste, it provides really strong hold and keeps me looking professional throughout the day. During winter months I'm always running around the city and taking my hoods or hats on and off, typically this would lead to hat hair but since I've been using this molding paste I haven't had to worry as much as I normally would about going to the bathroom before a meeting or a date to make sure that my hair looks presentable. These products go best with my on-the-go lifestyle but of course I had to try the entire line because I wouldn't recommend something to you all that I didn't try.

I also am not sure if other products may do better or work better for other hair types, my hair type is very dry right now because of the cold weather here in Boston and I've been trying a lot of products to help fight that without feeling my hair get too "product-y" if that makes sense.

This is the new Redken Brews product line in it's entirety! You guys know my favorite products, but I'm a sucker for anything 3-in-1 like this body wash, conditioner and shampoo. They're shaped like beer bottles to play on their "brew" vibe and I love the way they smell. Their potent but not too in your face which I hate about some body washes.

The three pomades you see above are the cream (my favorite), texture and clay pomades. Like I said, clay pomades are more for a night out on the town where I'm gonna be dancing because it keeps my hair in contact with my constant whipping back and forth. Texture pomades give more of a matte look which isn't really how I like my hair, I don't like people knowing I'm wearing products because I want them to think I'm naturally this put together :)

I'm a big fan of the finishing cream because it isn't super strong but has a great hold on it, too. It's definitely a product I'll use more this summer when I'm too lazy to shower after the beach, kind of along the lines of a dry shampoo with hold if that makes sense! I tend to use gels more when I have shorter hair to spike it up, right now my hair is pretty long so I only used the gel to try it out for more of a texture and smell! I'll definitely be trying this more in the summer when my hair is shorter, too!

All of the Redken products will be available at all HairCuttery's, so make sure you check them out to see where they'll be available if you don't win my giveaway!

What do you guys think you'll like? I'm giving away THREE of these full product lines to you guys and I'm so excited to hear what you all think about them! For an extra opportunity to enter, you can subscribe to my blog here on Lots of Hayderz. As you guys know with my giveaways, you can enter as many times as you like by tagging your friends in the comments on my Instagram!

*A HUGE thank you to Redken and HairCuttery for sponsoring this post. As always - the opinions of this blog are my own and I will never work with brands that I do not truly believe in and support.*

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