Lots of Travel: 48 Hours In The Big Apple


IT's funny because I'm writing this blog from my recent trip to New York as I'm on my way to Coachella and my mini vacation in San Diego. I've been hardcore slacking on LOTS but this trip I'm gonna try to bang out a couple of these blogs for you guys! 

I went to New York about a month ago now and SOOO many of you wanted to know where I took my pictures and what I was up to so I thought I'd give you guys a step-by-step of where I took each of my pics and where they were in the city. Boston to NYC is a quick drive (is 4 hours quick because IDK?). Anyways, I went with my friends Cath and Margo from Boston and we stayed at my friends apartment in Murray Hill. If you're going to New York, I highly suggest staying with a friend, it's so much easier than a hotel and cheaper, too! We all know someone who lives in New York and at this point I have no shame in simply texting my friends and telling them the dates that I WILL BE STAYING WITH YOU.

Unfortunately the weather was LES MIS when we went. Rainy and cold and V foggy so most of our time was spent indoors. New York is a totally different place when the weather is nice and I'm planning on going this summer again for pride because there's nothing quite like NYC pride. Without further hesitation, here are some of my pics from NYC and the details behind them!


 Okay, first of all. Where is this butcher's son? I discovered this place on Instagram because a couple of my favorite New York City bloggers and influencers frequent here. TBH, I was a bit turned off because it's a vegan restaurant and I had no idea what I was gonna eat. I'm a chicken and burgers and fried food type of guy, you guys know this. 

This place was so damn cute though so it was totally worth it. I ordered this veggie panini flatbread type thingy I can't really remember what it was called but it was GOOOOOD. 

Anywho, this place is extremely insta-worthy. I'd recommend going at an off-time so it's not super packed and you can get good pictures. If you're like me you're all about the gram so this was a necessity for me. Also, by no means am I a food blogger guys so don't judge me for not delving into the specifics of this meal. All you need to know is that it's good and grammable so yeah that's it.

Check out the menu from The Butcher's Daughter here, there's a few locations and they're all adorable so wherever you go there will be Insta's waiting for ya!


SOHO is undoubtedly my favorite area in New York. Every time I walk through the neighborhood shopping I feel like Countess LuAnn or Ramona Singer and I'm living my best life. Even though I can't afford anything in the stores just walking up and down the streets and having a New York minute is so fun.

I feel like every corner is snappable, too! There's so many storefronts that I always see plastered all over people's posts online (cough cough Acne Studios). There's also the cutest coffee shops on virtually every corner too. Here are a couple of the shots I took while walking through SOHO with my friends.

 Without a doubt the most questions I got were about the next place I went. 

CHA CHA MATCHA is an adorable pink palace of coffee and tea. I am a total poser because I don't even like matcha (I think it tastes like dirt) but the interior and exterior of it are so cute that I had to make my friends go.

The outside and inside are ALL pink so there's nothing better than adding a pop of color and having a quick pit stop while you're in the city.

It's hard to sum up New York in a travel blog because there's legit so much to do here, it really is the city that never sleeps and I never get tot sleep when I'm here because I get so caught up in everything. It's always fun to escape Boston and experience a new city and I can't wait to share more of my upcoming travels with you guys, including my time in San Diego (which will be more of a travel diary) and my Coachella/Palm Springs photo diary (which will be more similar to this post).

What are some of your guys favorite spots to go? I wanna start gathering your recommendations and adding them to my bucketlist! Let me know if you guys have any other Instaworthy spots throughout New York, too! We all know I live for a grammable moment and will definitely be taking any and all suggestions for my next trip to the big apple!

Thanks for reading this and, as always, DM me with any questions about these places and these experiences!

Can't wait to hear what you guys think and see all your pics - tag me if you go to any of these places!!

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