Lots of Travel: 48 Hours in San Diego

Ok. I know. You all probably forgot that I was in San Diego. I spent a mere 48 hours in one of my new favorite cities after Coachella for a relaxing little mini vacation. 

I wanna start this blog by thanking my friends from Tower 23 Hotel. They were THE most accommodating people and had the nicest staff (with really cute bellmen and valet guys, might I add). They've hooked up my readers with a discount code, too! If you book a stay on their website, you can use my code "HAYDEN" to get 10% off your stay with them.

Back to what you wanna know about SD. First of all, San Diego is so beautiful. I don't get how people get any work done or function properly when they live somewhere that beautiful. I love Boston but it has it's really ugly parts and I didn't see one ugly part of San Diego so there's that.

Our hotel was in Pacific Beach and RIGHT on the ocean it was insanely beautiful you guys. They had such a cute common area outside that overlooked the water and our room was so spacious and pretty. The color scheme of the hotel is also my all-time favorite color scheme (turquoise and white). Does that make me a basic betch? IDK.

We started our day by driving from Palm Springs to San Diego which is a quick 2 hours. We couldn't check in immediately because they were cleaning our room but we sat on the beach and got lunch at Tower 23's restaurant JRDN. The sushi, omg. Everything was so good. I can't even explain how amazing it was to have a REAL meal after eating junk food at Coachella for three days straight. 

We then checked in to our room, freshened up because we still had soot from the festival in every nook of our body (it happens) and walked around PB for a while. We took in the scenery, grabbed drinks and dinner with a friend from college and went back to the hotel to drink wine. One of my friends suggested a night out and you guys know I never deny the opportunity to take a year off my life by indulging in tequila. So, we went out.


Can I just tell you guys how dumb I am? My friend suggested going to a Grateful Dead bar. Now most people know who Grateful Dead is and I thought I did too. I went to this bar under the impression that it was going to be a DJ playing electro-techno music similar to that of Coachella DJ's we had seen all weekend. Little did I know that it was a rock cover band made up of 5 60 year old men and I would be the youngest person in the entire bar.

Regardless, we still managed to have fun because we were in a new place where we could be the weirdest version of ourselves and that's what my friends and I LIVE for.

The next day we woke up hungover and hungry so we went to the cutest breakfast place right down the street from our hotel. It was called Breakfast Republic and LOOK at this french toast. IT WAS AMAZING. And I love  a good coffee cocktail so I had to get this because of hare of the dog is a powerful hangover trick. Plus, look at the glass it came in? 

The next day was spent walking through Pacific Beach and pretending to be a local but we stood out like sore thumbs (idk if that's being used right). We hopped from restaurant to restaurant eating yummy apps and debating whether or not we should order cocktails. We did, don't worry. 

Here are some of the places we went throughout the day that were my favorites:

- Better Buzz: A really really really cute coffee shop with ACTUAL good coffee unlike some coffee places that are Instagram worthy

- Herb & Eatery: Nope, I don't know this guy. But what I do know is that the cold brew at this place in Little Italy was to die for.

- Kono's Coffee: Right next to the hotel we were staying at, it made me feel like I was starring in the DCOM Rip Girls cus it's right on the beach!

Some other places that I didn't take pictures of (mainly because I was TRYING not to be on my phone too much but miserably failing):

- Duck Dive (such yummy happy hour drinks)

- Pacific Beach Alehouse

- PB Shore Club

- Baja Beach Cafe

Overall, I definitely would come back here and will be very soon since once of my best friends is officially moving here (hii juju)!!!!!

Here are some other random photos from my trip:

Unfortunately we were only able to spend 48 hours in San Diego because work calls and I can't take that many days off because of upcoming summer travel plans! But I will most definitely be back. I really want to get to explore the other neighborhoods throughout San Diego including Hillcrest, Ocean Beach and La Jolla because I wasn't able to see them this time around.

Make sure if you're heading to San Diego you reach out! I'm by no means an expert on this destination like I was on Coachella (or like to pretend I was) but I'd love to hear more about your guys' trips to SD and where I NEEEEEED to go next time I'm in the area. ALSO, thank you all for your suggestions on this trip. I tried to see as many of the places as possible that you all recommended but Coachella took too much out of me to do all the tourist stuff I wanted to do.

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