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Hey guys! A lot of times on Instagram or through my blog I get asked about my dating life (or as of late, lack-thereof). I've partnered up with Plenty of Fish to give you guys a peak into how I date online through their app.

Dating with POF is such an easy process, for someone like me who's always on the go, I find it really hard to take the time out of my day to go on a first date with someone when I'm not even sure I'll like them. This is why our generation is so lucky, we get to use apps like POF to weed out how we feel about people and get to the conversation first. Speaking of that conversation, the FIRST exchange is really really really important.

Breaking the ice is hard, occasionally awkward and can seem forced but in my opinion, this first interaction really sets the tone for what's to come of the "relationship" You don't wanna have a stale,flat or boring conversation so don't start off your conversations with "hey" or "how's it going". These conversations are almost guaranteed to take you on a one-way round trip flight to Snoozeville.

Excite and engage the person you're interacting with. Here's the thing, you don't know these people and, in reality, you probably wouldn't know them if you weren't both in search of the same thing on Plenty of Fish. Being yourself is a lot harder than it seems on an app, but it is possible. I'm sharing my favorite 5 ways to break the ice using Plenty of Fish so next time you match with someone, you can use one of these ideas and hopefully make a lasting connection because of it. Also, feel free to play "Break The Ice" by Britney Spears while reading this post because it's very fitting.

When breaking the ice on an app, do it in a fun way! One of the best things about using an Plenty of Fish is getting to have fun and break the ice with complete strangers. I don't know about you guys, but for me, I play a game when it comes to starting conversations. Think about it this way, these are people you've never met and probably never would meet without the help of the app, so be yourself (even if you are KINDA weird like me). I always like to start my conversations with a joke and go from there. Everyone can say "hey hows it going" but breaking the ice in a fun, new way is what will make you stick out to people and create real, lasting relationships that you might not have made before. At the end of the day, be yourself because even though this connection is made online it'll eventually come face-to-face and if you aren't being true to who you are, the person you connect with isn't going to know the real you!

The first thing to note is not to take anything too seriously. BE FUNNY. This is gonna be an overarching theme for all of my tips but I think this is so important. No one wants to talk to someone who can't take a joke. Set the tone from the beginning that you're someone with a sense of humor, after all, this is one of the most sought after traits when it comes to dating.


" Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice!"

It's corny and you've heard it before but it also takes all the pressure off. When someone throws out something like that, you know they don't take themselves too seriously so it easily relaxes the conversation more. You don't want to take these things too seriously, save that stuff for later after you've made a general consensus on whether or not you personalities work together.

This time in first getting to know someone is seeing whether or not you may have something in common so being corny and throwing out a joke is ok. See how they react, if an opening like that turns them off, they probably aren't the one for you. If it excites them and makes them laugh, your connection is off to a great start.


I'm a big-time movie quoter in everyday conversation, so one way I like to gage my compatibility with someone is to quote a movie as the opening line when we match. Throwing out something from Legally Blonde like "My name is Elle Woods and I'm a gemini vegitarian" or keep it simple and throw them a compliment using a Mean Girls quote like "that picture of you is so fetch".

This is also a way that you can show off your personality and interests to the person you're talking to. Plenty of Fish has more than 150 million people on it's platform, that's pretty overwhelming, right? So finding common ground with someone right off the bat can be a huge pressure reliever and help you feel more comfortable!

3.) Send a photo or a GIF that represents your personality:

One of my favorite ways to spark conversation with someone on Plenty of Fish is to get into what I call a "photo-war". We basically just talk strictly through photos or GIFS and get to know eachother's sense of humours this way while also learning more about eachother. As a huge pop culture junkie, this also helps me dig into their knowledge of current events more and see if we're gonna be compatible!

4.) Don't dance around the awkward space, talk about it:

It's always awko-taco opening up a conversation and just seeing blank space, no words and no interaction whatsoever. Don't dance around that awkward space, jump into it and start a conversation in spite of it. Talk about the way it makes you feel. Honesty is everything when first meeting someone and people appreciate it as it's super refreshing to not read the same old "hey" or "hi".

5.) Ask a question:

Asking a question is one of my go-to's when it comes to starting a conversation on POF. My all-time favorite is, "if you could only have one condiment for the rest of your life, what would it be and why" This takes your conversation to a totally unexpected place and helps you jump out to your match as someone who doesn't take themselves, or this process, too seriously. Plus, you get right into learning more about the person you're talking to. It also starts a ping-pong match of questions and skips the small talk. It'll get you guys talking about things that actually matter to you instead of wasting time on the background questions like "what do you do" and "what brings you on Plenty of Fish".

For more tips on breaking the ice and having that first conversation flow seamlessly, visit the Plenty of Fish blog! They have tons of great tips that will help you take the pressure off, relax and enjoy the dating experience. After all, dating isn't meant to be a scary or overwhelming thing, it's meant to be fun! With Plenty of Fish, you're able to make online connections that turn into real-life relationships. What do you have to lose?

One of my absolute favorite parts about Plenty of Fish is the ease and relaxation behind the app. Using an app to date (that's free btw) is so relaxing because there's no pressure. You can use it whenever and however you want, frequently or not. Being able to take it on the go is such a plus too. As someone who is always running somewhere, to work or events or meetings (or usually to a meal) I don't have time to sit down for a typical first date and to meet someone for the first time in person when, in reality, there's a chance we won't be compatible.. This is a HUGE waste of time for me. With Plenty of Fish, I'm able to decide whether or not I like someone from interacting with them online first, at my own pace and having tons of control, and then going from there if I'm interested!

The app is easy to use, too. The home page is pretty much a mecca for meeting and interacting with guys, you have everything you need on it and don't have to stress about whether or not you answered one guy or ignored another by accident. It's super smart and reminds you of the things you didn't even realize other dating apps were lacking!

Stay tuned for what's to come on Plenty of Fish for me! You never know, I might just meet the man of my dreams ;)

*A HUGE thank you to Plenty Of Fish for sponsoring this post. As always - the opinions of this blog are my own and I will never work with brands that I do not truly believe in and support.*

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