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OMG it's literally been four months since I've posted a blog and I've missed posting on here a lot. With the move and the summer and everything in between, it's been a very hectic couple of months. I promised myself I'd start blogging more regularly and I wanna keep that promise but it's hard being in the real world and having a real job and having Instagram to update you guys with daily. I'm gonna (TRY to) start keeping up with LOTS more regularly though, I PROMISE!

As you all know, I recently went on a trip to New Orleans with 6 of my best friends of 15+ years. To say things got crazy would be an understatement for sure. A weekend in New Orleans is the PERFECT amount of time, we went from a Saturday to a Wednesday and tbh it was kinda long. We wish we would've trimmed out trip down by just a day but we still had the best time exploring the city, eating all the food and drinking LOTS and LOTS of dranks. If you're not into partying, New Orleans is just not the place for you. There's also tons of history and charm throughout the city (outside of Bourbon Street - which is what I always thought of as the city before coming here). Without further adieu (I had to look up how to spell that), here is what you should do on your next trip to New Orleans!!!!!

Our first day was spent traveling from Boston, not a long flight only 3 hours but we have a layover in Philly. I tried getting a Philly Cheese Steak but that didn't work out logistic-wise because it was 9AM when our flight landed.... ANYWHO, we stayed in The French Quarter, which is a pretty central location in New Orleans to everything tourists would want to do. The hotel we stayed at was The Crowne Plaza New Orleans French Quarter. It was the perfect location for us because it literally connected to a Bourbon Street entrance so if anyone got bored or tired (LAME) we could just shove them through that door and keep on keeping on. We spent the day heading up and down Bourbon Street, going in and out of bars.

We were so lucky to be there when we were because it was Southern Decadence, a parade and festival similar to gay pride celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone was in such good spirits the entire time we were there but especially on Saturday and Sunday during the parade and surrounding the festivities of the festival.

WATCH OUT FOR THE SHOT GIRLS YOU GUYS. None of us had ever been to New Orleans and we got attacked, they literally shove your faces into their boobs and make you take a shot of them and then make you pay for it. We were all like WTF and then felt too awk not to pay, so BEWARE.

Instead of getting into the day to day details of our trip, I'm gonna highlight where you really need to go. Fun bars and good food because that's essentially all we did. Tourist attractions were really fun as well, I'll list some of the ones we did and my favorite part about them below.


Frenchmen Street

Kind of an art district is how I'd best describe it. Cool bars, tattoo parlors and shops.

Lafayette Cemetery

I think it's in the middle of The Garden District (don't quote me) but if you're a history buff this place is really cool!

Bourbon Street

No need to explain, you know it'll go down here.

The Garden District

TONS of grammable houses, and lots of photo opps. A bunch of cute restaurants and shops too!


The Ruby Slipper

Really cute place that has THE BEST spiked iced coffees with whipped cream. If you get them, get a double because they're so good and you'll only need one or two for the whole day - I went back several times after our first time there to get refills!

District Donut + Coffee

THE DONUTS YOU GUYS - enough reason to go

Brennan's (kinda fancier, aka they put the napkins on your lap, which I was shook about - but I had this goat cheese ravioli that changed my life)

Razzoo Club and Bar (they have a hype girl/DJ there named Bella B who is ICONIC - she made me get on the dance floor and it was so fun)

Bamboula's (on Frenchmen Street - kinda divey, but really fun)

Cafe Fleur de Lis (breakfast place with really good sandwiches)

Nola (another kinda fancier place, expensive but really good)

Cafe Beignet

Another place to do it for the 'gram + if you're too lazy to go to Cafe Du Monde they have AMAZE beignets!

Commander's Palace

We didn't get to go in because it's only open for dinner, but LOOK how gram-worthy it is!

Cafe Du Monde

Kim Kardashian and foodgod chartered a private jet on an episode of KUWTK to get the beignets from here so you know I had to try them out for myself and live my best Kardashian life, and I can confirm that they are totally worth the flight.

Willie's Chicken Shack

After a night of drinking, I had the best chicken fingers I've ever had in my life from Willie's Chicken Shack. You guys know I don't play around when it comes to my chicken fingers, so this is a HUGE compliment. If you're in New Orleans, it's a must

More moments from the trip:

As you guys saw on my page and on my stories, we had the best time in NoLa and I definitely recommend going if you wanna reunite with all of your high school besties, go on a bachelor/bachelorette party etc. It's definitely a really fun time....but it's also very tiring as you can see in the below picture lol.

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